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How is Deliveroo continuing to support companies working in the UAE?

How are Deliveroo continuing to support companies working in the UAE?

Deliveroo works with hundreds of corporations in the UAE via our dedicated service Deliveroo for Business!

For the past few months, our focus has pivoted in the UAE to support employees as they have moved to work from home. Now, we are focussed on supporting your employees and bringing amazing food experiences to your teams, no matter where they are working from!

Whether you are looking to boost employee morale, maintain your lunch traditions in a safe manner, or want an easier way to manage employees expensing food, we're here to help!

Deliveroo for Business has a range of solutions to support companies of all sizes and budgets, and with any working set-up:

1) In-app allowances!  

Providing these to your teams allows them to order from thousands of local restaurants, and pay directly with a company allowance - say goodbye to expense reports and fiddly receipts! You can set rules to control the usage and spend with time locks, address locks, and mandatory project codes. The rules can recur, and companies are only billed for any usage!

The most popular uses for our in-app allowances in the UAE are:

  • Capped weekly lunches (e.g AED 50pp, Thursdays 12-2pm) - allowing you to maintain your team lunch traditions virtually, or socially distanced in the office
  • Daily allowances (e.g AED 20pp, Sunday - Thursday) - available at home or in the office, in place of subsidised canteens that may no longer be accessible
  • Late night workers (e.g AED 70, address locked, 7pm-midnight) - allowing employees to expense food to the company or client in line with your policies, when working overtime
  • Team lead allowances (e.g uncapped, with mandatory project codes) - allowing managers or assistants to order coffees or a box of bagels for a team meeting

2) E-Gift Cards

We have recently launched our online gift card store - perfect for one-off staff rewards or client gifts!

3) 'Cloud Canteens' (group ordering)

As offices are returning, we are also providing recommendations and assistance with companies looking to resume meals together, in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Our in-app allowance solutions do allow you to eat together, whilst providing individual choice and maintain social distancing. However if 'bulk' orders are desired, we also have the following solutions.

  • Group ordering - our team can help coordinate orders from 1 restaurant, and ensure it all arrives together and on time
  • Full set up & service catering - our dedicated corporate account managers work with companies to provide the best options for any occasion and budget, with exclusive menus from many local restaurants and catering partners


Other benefits of our Corporate Accounts

  • A dedicated account manager - to save you time and eliminate hassle
  • Monthly VAT compliant consolidated invoices (with no fixed costs - if a company does not order any food, the monthly costs are zero!)
  • Access to a corporate portal to have full visibility and control of the company account

Interested in seeing how Deliveroo for Business can help your team in the UAE? Visit our website, or send us an email at corporate@deliveroo.ae!

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