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Bareburger: The Organic Burgers


Stripped back and naked, Bareburger offer amazing organic burgers. The name says it all – they serve up simple burgers, but without any extra nasty stuff added. Bareburger don't try and over-complicate their burgers with too many competing flavours or garnishes. Instead, they allow the quality of their meat to shine through, carefully served with sauces that complement, but not overwhelm.

Food they're proud of

It's no surprise that Bareburger's menu is all about the burgers. Whether it's an American classic or something a little different, Bareburger put time and care into every burger. The meat of each patty is sourced by Bareburger before they carefully select its topping companions.

But it isn't just beef. Bareburgers serve mushroom, lamb and venison burgers, as well as salads and sides – and every single dish gets given the same level of dedication. Bareburger don't just pride themselves on sustainable food though – they're equally focused on the vibrancy of their restaurants, encouraged by the family feel of their company.

Humble hipster beginnings

Bareburger began on the tiny electric grill of a Brooklyn event space. The founder, Euripides Pelekanos, worked in a tiny kitchen 'the size of a closet' in Sputnik – a combined bar, art and performance space. Yet after a few months of making burgers from carefully selected grass-fed cows, he realised people had become coming not for the art – or the beer – but for the burgers. Euripedes headed back to where he grew up, in Queens, New York, and opened the very first Bareburger in a former bakery, before expanding worldwide.

They're all about the good stuff here, so they pick local produce as much as possible, and then they rely on world-class producers they know to make sure their burgers are organic perfection.

Beautiful burgers

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The Country Fare burger is its most popular – a wholesome take on a cheeseburger, made of Hereford prime beef, melting aged cheddar, salad and dill pickles, all packed into a brioche bun for a burger that's just begging to be eaten.

Bareburger's great at adapting to regional tastes too – and its signature UAE burger is the Nomad. Pimento and fried onions are served between a brioche bun with a wild camel patty, with habanero mayo and fried egg to keep it all messy and moist. Camel meat has an unmistakable flavour – a sweet, gamey combination of beef and lamb with an unusual twist.

But if you're looking for something lighter, there's loads of sides and salads up for grabs too. The legendary fries are worth a nibble, especially when served with the trademark curry ginger ketchup.

If you're looking to try a burger that's all about quality, Bareburger is the obvious choice. Check out their menu here on Deliveroo today.

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