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Big Smoke Burger

Big Smoke Burger

These Canadian-sourced-AAA-grade-beefy-masterpieces speak for themselves and set Big Smoke Burger apart from the crowd. And with 19 locations across the globe, they're doing just that. We think it's down to the love and passion they pack into their burgers, their high-quality ingredients and their freshly-made approach.  

No smoke without fire

Burgers are literally the name of the game here – and we can see the dedication to their burger craft in The Beast. Weighing in at your choice of either four or six ounces, and stacked with onion rings, crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms and smoked cheddar – the clue to this delicious big hitter's in the name.

These meaty main events are also supported by an impressive selection of sides and hand-blended milkshakes. We think their onion rings deserve a special mention too. Deep-fried in panko breadcrumbs, they're wonderfully crisp and crunchy. Paired with a side of Spicy Chipotle Mayo these gigantic rings ooze sweet, smoky flavour. The sauce delivers just the right amount of background heat without overpowering the meaty richness of that Angus beef.

Big Smoke bring a real taste of uber Canadiana to your table with their famed lineup of poutine dishes. These cheese-curd topped fries are smothered in gravy and make the heartiest of meals – the cheese delightfully melts over your hot crispy fries and under that rich, velvety beef gravy. And their chunky hand-cut fries are definitely a match for the gooey saucy goodness that'll have you coming back again and again.

If you're after a sweeter option to go down with your protein filled feast, look no further than Big Smoke's milkshakes. Opt for your favourites – strawberry, vanilla, chocolate – with a healthy dollop of vanilla ice cream. For something a bit more advanced, you can't go wrong with a Salted Caramel shake.

Building a burger empire

Mustafa Yusuf founded Big Smoke Burger in 2007. An impressive entrepreneur, his worked his way up the food chain, beginning his restaurant career in Canada as a 15-year-old dishwasher and receiving a business degree along the way to his current role as Big Smoke's Burger CEO.

Fast-forward to 2013 and Yusuf expanded the business into The Middle East. Growing up in Abu Dhabi until he turned 11 gave him a love and passion of UAE culture and – more importantly – the food. This played a bit part in his ambition 'to deliver the very best quality burger experience imaginable'. And if you've tried a Big Smoke Burger you'd be forgiven for thinking he's already realised that ambition.

Small details, big difference

No matter where in the world you eat a Big Smoke burger you can guarantee it's been charbroiled to perfection on a custom-made grill imported from Wisconsin, USA. They grill their tender patties on a rack sitting just above the coals, creating that uniquely seared finish time after time.

We think that primal flavour infused into each burger goes well with the Swiss Melt. This delight comes with a generous smothering of nutty Swiss cheese and a tangy barbecue sauce. They also add in sautéed mushrooms for a deep, earthy tone that brings out the richness of that Canadian AAA Angus burger. This beauty is a testament to what a good burger can be.

Order The Beast and Big Smoke Burger's famous poutine and let Deliveroo bring a touch of Canadian chargrilled indulgence to your table tonight.

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