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Chez Sushi

It's no surprise that Chez Sushi know all about making some mean sushi. They're casual, contemporary and catchy – the last decade or so has seen Chez Sushi locations popping up all over the Arabian Peninsula. And they're not stopping there. Here are some highlights from their menu, plus we take a look at their rise to popularity.

A menu to cater for all

From appetisers and mains to sides and desserts, Chez Sushi knock it out of the park every time. There's tender gyoza, hearty Chicken Katsu Curry – deep fried in light breadcrumbs and served with steamed rice and zingy curry sauce – and all kinds of other delights lurking on their menu.

The simple edamame beans are ridiculously moreish. These boiled green soy beans are lightly doused in soy and rock salt – and once you've had one, you can't stop. The Prawn and Coriander Gyoza with Ponzu Sauce are deserve some of the spotlight – they're flash- fried to give a slight crispiness, and their initial crunch balances perfectly with the salty, zesty notes of the sauce.

If you're after lunch on the go, opt for a bento box. You'll soon see why the Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box is a popular choice – it offers a whole lot of Chez Sushi goodness. There's succulently fresh soy-glazed salmon, tuna sushi rolls and crispy tempura which all combine to create a perfectly balanced, nutritious and exciting meal. What more could we want?

The healthy option

Established in the UAE for over 15 years, Chez Sushi are key players in restaurant scene here. They're all about freshness here – and this is extremely important when it comes to sushi. All its goodness and delicate flavours depend on serving it as soon as possible.  

And the good news doesn't stop there. Aside from being low in fat, the salmon in your Teriyaki Bento Box is rich in Omega-3 – essential to your diet with a number of health benefits. And edamame beans are considered a superfood, rich in fibre, protein and Vitamin C. Paired with vegetables like spring onions and ginger and presented alongside steamed rice, you get all the flavour and none of the bad stuff.

Ending on a sweet note

It's likely the fusion of wide-ranging savoury flavours will leave you craving something sweet – and Chez Sushi have just the thing: mochi. After all this healthy eating, you deserve something a little naughtier.

These little delights are small balls of fun, made with sweet rice cakes on the outside and creamy ice cream in the centre. Ranging from classic chocolate to more daring flavours – trust them on wasabi ice cream, it's a customer favourite – they'll provide a refreshing finale to your meal. And it turns out these beauties have all the flavour and minimal calories. Yes – you can push the boat out, opt for desert and feel good about it.

Treat yourself and feel great about it with Chez Sushi's healthy options here on Deliveroo.

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