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Making the most of your online account

Making the most of your online account

Data is key to developing your food delivery business, so that's why we've built a personalised online account for your business. You can see how you're performing with us anytime, anywhere. Your online account also gives you direct access to our data and the tools you need to drive order volume.

Get access to unique data analytics, including:

Delivered orders

  • Provides insight into how to increase the number of delivered orders at different times and at different sites

Prep time

  • Provides insight into how you can lower average prep time

Order ratings and competitor analysis

  • Shows a line graph of your average customer order rating per day over a time period, as well as how this compares to competitors in the local area

Through your online account, you will have access to Marketer, our new self-service offers and discounts system. This tool gives you:

  • The ability to offer promotions targeted to different customer segments, such as new customers, whenever and wherever you want
  • A wider range of targeted offers

Marketer has already been a huge success for restaurants that have activated their online account. Restaurants experience 32% more orders, on average, when they run an offer using Marketer. The top 10% best-performing offers have, on average seen:

  • 89% boost in menu traffic
  • 118% increase in order volume

Activate your online account by clicking this link* and take your food delivery business to the next level.

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