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S’wich up your lunch

S’wich up your lunch

Switch up your lunch with delicious wraps, salads and bowls that are great on taste and light on your waist! Or put your chef hat on and create your dish just the way you like it using fresh toppings, hormone free proteins and homemade sauces. Get all of this delivered to your door in as little as fifteen minutes when you order from S'wich, now part of deliveroo's JLT Editions kitchen and is exclusive to deliveroo. Here is a sneak peek of some of the yummy meals available at this restaurant.

Guilt-Free Eating


Fill your belly with a lite chicken and avo whole wheat wrap filled with tasty chicken, lettuce, spring onions, cucumber, avocado, cilantro sauce, and some zesty chilli. It tastes just as good as it looks and is also super healthy.

Wraps, wraps and some more delicious wraps


Treat your taste buds to a divine portobello mushroom, and Feta Cheese s'wich served with white saj, lettuce, spring onions, oregano, and a healthy dollop of tzatziki. This veggie-friendly s'wich is not only an absolute winner for vegetarians, but also for everyone else.

A healthy serving of salads


Chomp on a lentil base mixed with pickled vegetables, jalapenos, fresh tomatoes, spring onions, black raisins and hazelnuts. Served with its homemade olive oil based dressing, S'wich's lentil salad should not be missed.

This is only a small sample of all the goodies that you can expect to get when you order from S'wich.

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