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Healthy treats all around!

Healthy treats all around!

If we are what we eat, then get us to Wild & the Moon asap. Aesthetically pleasing and packed with goodness, their menu is bursting with choices that make healthy eating easy.

They're an innovative fit-food quick service concept offering 100% organic, plant-based, gluten-free and vegan food and beverages. Their recipes have been designed by raw vegan experts, chefs, nutritionists and food lovers, using only high-quality products seasonally harvested by local farmers. Think organic, ethically sourced ingredients, using vegetables, fruits, herbs, roots, nuts, seeds and superfoods. No refined sugar, additives or chemicals.

They're our go-to for breakfast, lunch...dinner and snacks. OK, so we love their food; but who wouldn't want to start the day with a delicious acai bowl, continue it with an 'LA summer' super bowl salad and finish it with a Peruvian hot bowl of sweet potato, brown rice, red beans, pumpkin seeds and other goodies.  

When we're feeling peckish, we can nibble on their wild bars while we enjoy all their smoothies, nutmylks, juices and vitality shots. With seemingly endless possibilities, we can't seem to choose between drinks; but 'the ultimate detox', 'everlasting stamina', 'mental ecstasy' and 'happy digestion' are all on our offices' list of faves.  And the 'beauty shot', which promises glowing skin is always a must.

On top of all that, it's food with a conscience. Wild & the Moon are striving for 0% food waste and using as many recycled materials as possible, aiming to reach zero waste by 2020. They've even created light, nutrient dense raw crackers using the fibre-rich pulps from their juices and nutmylks, which otherwise would have been wasted. So you're eating healthy and having an environmental impact too!

Food that's good for you, good for the planet and delicious, no wonder they're on our most ordered list.

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