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Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

When you want something simple that doesn't scrimp on taste, Gourmet Burger Kitchen is always the answer. Cleverly crafting burgers with extra bite, GBK has an endless menu stacked high with different styles. Along with salads, specialty grills and veggie dishes, there's an option for everyone.

The gourmet in GBK

As the name suggests, burgers are what they do best. But the burgers at GBK aren't just any old hamburger. They're beautifully built with the finest ingredients and toppings. With classic burgers made from 100% prime Australian Angus beef and cooked to order, you can add a tasty twist to suit your mood.

Mushroom Swiss is a signature favourite, combining grilled mushrooms and swiss cheese, with sweet caramelised onion. For more of a zing, The Taxi Driver piles smoked chilli mayo and Cajun relish on top of American cheese, pickles and an onion ring. And if you're all about heat - the habanero jam in the Habanero is perfectly balanced with melty mozzarella.

The best burger in town

Since 2001, GBK have served up dishes to rival the best burger joints around the world. Starting in London, Gourmet Burger Kitchen was the brainchild of three Kiwi guys with a love of great burgers. So much so, that they changed the whole burger game - bringing us the 'gourmet' dishes we all know and love.

Now, with locations dotted around the globe, GBK continue to create incredible flavour combinations across beef, chicken and veggie burgers, with great sides and salads available too. Not in the mood for a proper patty? No problem – maybe three different slides will take your fancy, or even a salmon fillet dressed with peppery rocket, zesty pickles and tangy tartare sauce.

How will you have yours?

When it comes to a gourmet burger, GBK have every taste covered. Sweet beetroot and pineapple are bundled with a fried egg for an adventurous flavour in the Kiwi Burger, and The Don twists gorgonzola with a smoked beef aioli, onion jam and pickled onion for a playful kick to complement the beef.

Sound good? Chicken burgers come with just as much jazz. If you like your spice with a little something smooth, the Fiery Blue burger brings spicy breaded chicken together with creamy blue cheese in perfect harmony. And if you're looking to cut back on the carbs, you can even go bunless and stack up on sides, like GBK's Homeslaw or Simple Green Salad, instead.

But it's not all about the meat. Veggies are taken care of too. Bean patties replace beef to recreate a signature burger, smothered with house mayo, fresh salad and your choice of cheese. Find falafel balls dancing with cucumber raita and a chilli salsa, along with veggies stacked up with sweet peppers, rocket and an incredible feta pesto to top it off too.

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