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Hanoi Vietnamese Kitchen

Hanoi Vietnamese Kitchen

Vietnamese food is distinct and unforgettable. Thanks to fresh herbs, vegetables and a sensual variety of textures, it's no wonder that it's rated as one of the tastiest and healthiest cuisines in the world. If you want to experience all the authentic flavours of Vietnam right on your doorstep, check out Hanoi Vietnamese Kitchen – the very first Vietnamese café and kitchen to open in the UAE.

Fresh and natural food

Hanoi Vietnamese Kitchen employs clean cooking techniques – combining minimal oil and a maximum of fresh natural ingredients and delicate spices. Their diverse, family-friendly menu of noodle soups, bun bowls, salads and heartier meat, vegetable and fish dishes hit the spot perfectly – with all the combinations of fragrance, taste, and colour you need to hit every sense – and every palate.

Hanoi's most popular dish, their signature beef pho broth, is specially prepared and cooked for over 10 hours using savoury bones, grilled onions, ginger and a secret mix of spices. With soft rice noodles and a selection of onions and herbs, it's a comforting treat that you just can't beat.

Striking a balance

Traditionally, Vietnamese food respects the rules of balancing elements. Yin and yang need to be in harmony – and at Hanoi Vietnamese Kitchen, this is no different. Hot and cool ingredients have to balance each other out, so cold seafood goes with warm ginger. Dishes incorporate the five Asian fundamental elements and colours too: spicy (metal, white), sour (wood, green), bitter (fire, red), salty (water, black) and sweet (earth, yellow). Each evokes a specific sense, adding flavour and excitement to every dish.

The restaurant is all about being 'a natural choice in achieving a healthy and culturally enriching lifestyle' – and their food sets out to do just that. Chefs make authentic dishes, but they do it responsibly too – cooking with locally grown and conscientiously sourced ingredients.

A lighter option

Their menu isn't only about the popular pho. If you're looking for something lighter, try the summer rolls – shrimp, chicken, beef or vegetarian tofu are rolled with fresh salad and noodles in transparent rice paper.

You could also cool off with the Green Papaya salad – shredded fresh green papaya tossed with herbs, roasted peanuts and a tangy lime dressing. Or try one of the aptly named smoothies, like Wacky Watermelon or Mango Tango. Cool off, and enjoy.

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