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Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets

If you need a feel-good dining experience like no other, it's time for Johnny Rockets. Tabletop jukeboxes playing rock and roll classics provide the soundtrack to mouthwatering flavours of 1950s diner-inspired gems.

The authentic decor and atmosphere are as vibrant and soul warming as the food is delicious. With 35 Johnny Rockets now lighting up the UAE food scene, your next at-home American diner experience – scoring big on fun and even bigger on flavor – is closer than ever.        

Hamburgers the way you like them

There's a burger here for everyone. Those seeking out the authentic experience should try The Original: 'The One that started it all'. A juicy burger seared and seasoned to perfection on a bed of shredded lettuce, fresh tomato, chopped onion, relish, crinkle cut pickles, mustard and mayo. Feeling more adventurous? Give The Spicy Houston a try. This burger's topped with jalapeños and pepper jack cheese with The Houston Sauce adding a delicious hit of paprika smokiness.

Johnny Rockets' 20-year reputation as one of America's finest burger institutions is built on more than just patties, buns and shakes though. Jalapeno Poppers supply a satisfying crunch before giving way to cheesy insides and a peppery kick. Chicken Wings – served plain and tumbled in tangy barbecue or traditional sauces – are neat, tender bundles of flavour. That first bite of chicken is crisp, succulent and fresh with Johnny Rockets' signature sauces providing just the right amounts of zing and kick. And do we even have to tell you to order their bacon cheese fries? Didn't think so.

Classic Americana

You're in capable hands. Johnny Rockets have been serving up juicy, made-to-order hamburgers in a fun, family friendly setting since 1986. Founder Ronn Teitelbaum's atmospheric, diner-focused vision for Johnny Rockets came from a belief that 'everyone deserves a place where they can escape today's complicated world and experience the uncomplicated goodness of classic Americana'. We can get behind this.

Top Shakes

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Johnny Rocket milkshakes and floats are up there with some of the being the best in the business. And you can taste why. Order one of their indulgent, sweet creations made with a scoop of ice cream along with your meal and you'll soon understand why – it's a drink and a dessert all in one go. You know your shake is the real deal when it comes with a spoon so you can get every last drop of goodness. And of course, each comes with a generous portion of whipped cream on top.

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