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NKD Pizza

For those days when you want comfort food, need to feed the masses or just don't want to cook, there's always pizza. And when you want pizza, you wantΒ NKD Pizza. With an eclectic menu catering for both meat eaters and vegetarians – and a section dedicated to satisfying your sweet tooth too – every order's a winner.

From field to farm

Fuelling Business Bay and the surrounding areas with all things pizza – and with the occasional salad and sides too – you know you're eating well when you're eating NKD. And with these guys, you've always got options.

Toppings take you from the field with veggie goodness, to the farm with all things meaty. They also let you combine the best of both worlds over in the create-your-own-camp – choose from original or skinny crust, smothered in red, white or BBQ sauce, mozzarella or feta and top to your heart's desire to make the pizza of your dreams

Good, honest pizza

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Stellar pizza joints are few and far between. And that's why NKD Pizza was born. So scrap substandard places and forget all about boring bases. This is a new kind of pizza experience.

Knowing they could produce the kind of pizza that rivals the best in Italy, NKD Pizza set to work. With good, honest intentions and a passion for food, the folks here focus on handcrafting fresh pizza tailored to your taste packed in with a and a whole lot of heart. Their ethos is simple: 'all natural, all awesome pizza'.

A feast for many, or a few days for you

And let's talk about those toppings, because they don't disappoint. When it comes to the field, NKD Pizza don't scrimp on the selection or the taste. With the Superbiotic, enjoy artichoke, spinach, mixed peppers and mushrooms finished off with a little garlic, onion and cilantro for full on flavour. For a taste of the Mediterranean, find artichoke combined with sweet sun-dried tomatoes, onions, black olive and feta for a feast with the same name.

It's the same with the farm. Spice fans will find three kinds of chilli dancing with pepperoni, onion, tomato and pepper on their Firehouse pizza. And that's not forgetting the famous Smokehouse either, with its double helping of tender chicken and sprinkle of onions all dripping with BBQ sauce. What more could a pizza lover need?

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