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It’s Not Pizza; It’s PINZA!

Deliveroo Editions has arrived, and we're ready to take your order.

Deliveroo Editions are hubs of hand-picked, delivery-only restaurants, dropped into neighbourhoods crying out for better choice. Neighbourhoods just like yours. We've partnered with the restaurants you love (and some we're sure you'll love), and set up their own chefs in top-of-the-line kitchens to bring you even closer to amazing food. Editions is a platform to support the restaurant industry, helping hot new chefs launch for the first time, or well-loved restaurants reach fans in new places.


As your trusted food scene insiders, we can't NOT introduce you to PINZA!, your new neighbors!

It's not pizza. But it's not flatbread either. It's...well, it's PINZA! The dough is light and crunchy, since it's 80% water and only 20% flour. Offering a wholesome, healthy and utterly delicious alternative to your favourite doughy dishes with the toppings you know and love, it's time to take the "guilty" out of "guilty pleasures". Vegan options available too!

So there's no need to settle for the usual tonight – order PINZA! today, with Deliveroo Editions.


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