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Reaching your target customer through Deliveroo

Reaching your target customer through Deliveroo

Deliveroo opens up a whole world of discovery to customers. Whether that's new cuisines, virtual brands or new takes on old favourites. Millions of customers visit our app every week, browsing through options from 50,000 great restaurants globally. We want to make it even easier for your existing customers to find you, quicker. And for new customers, who are more likely to purchase and return, to see you for the first time.

How your restaurant appears to potential customers is one of the most effective marketing tools for your delivery business. And it's about to get a lot more targeted.

That's why as of this month, customers will begin to see a more personalised restaurant list through Deliveroo. Varying from user to user, customers will begin to see a more tailored experience, with their favourites, and restaurants they are more likely to order from, appearing higher up the list of options.

What does this mean for your restaurant?

The aim of this personalisation is to begin targeting your menu more effectively at your optimum customer.

Through testing and development, this will begin to get smarter - moving away from static lists, to begin prioritising each customer's list based on what we know they are likely to order at different times across the day.

What factors determine which customers see my restaurant?

We're testing and learning as we develop personalisation. As the algorithm learns in the coming weeks and months, the listing will market your restaurant more effectively to customers most likely to convert - particularly those who have ordered from you before. In time it will begin to target your most valuable customer by time of day and identify the new customers most likely to try you for the first time.

Personalisation will work in tandem with other factors, such as expected order duration, whether your menu features a hero image, customer rating, price indicators and featured offers.

We'll be monitoring closely to make sure this in-app marketing approach means that your existing customer base continues to see your great quality menu, and that your offer becomes even more visible to new customers, likely to discover and love your dishes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with your Account Manager.

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