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Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

How do you like your breakfast in the morning? At Tim Hortons, you can have yours premium with a freshly baked muffin, bagel or donut. The café and bakery has everything from wraps and muffins to toasted sandwiches and cookies. Sweet or savoury, Tim Hortons has you covered. Let's take a look at what's made this Canadian coffee chain so popular here in the UAE.

The best breakfast and baked goods

Most famous for its baked goods, Tim Hortons knows a thing or two about making delicious sweet treats. Choose from chocolate chip, red velvet, blueberry or chocolate caramel muffins to go with your morning coffee. Or try a selection of their famous donuts – marble strawberry, honey dip, donut bloom with Nutella, and pecan just to name a few. These wonders are sure to put a smile on your face.

If you're after something a little less sugary in the morning, try a breakfast muffin. There's egg, cheese and tomato, vegetable and cheese, or turkey sausage – all ideal for a hearty morning meal.

Authenticity and goodwill

So, who came up with the great idea? Canadian ice hockey legend Tim Horton – the clue's in the name with this place. The first café opened in Canada in 1964 and soon after, Tim Hortons started appearing in every town and city across Canada, becoming not only one of the country's largest chains, but an emblem of their identity.

This success has spurred international expansion, bringing its speciality menu across the globe, including here to the UAE. Thanks Tim. And now, there's over 4,600 restaurants in nine countries across the world including the USA, Qatar, and the Philippines.

Canadians genuinely love Tim Hortons. And with the café's work in funding student programs and the Tim Horton Children's Foundation, they've created a great amount of goodwill across the globe.

Packed wraps, sandwiches and paninis

When you're after something for lunch, you're in for a treat here – the menu features a selection of sandwiches, wraps and paninis that hold their own. The steak mushroom melt is a sure favourite – packed with beef steak, mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms and a black pepper mustard mayo sauce on a choice of white or whole wheat bun. Or how about a classic turkey ham and cheese option?

To cater for big groups of friends, family or colleagues, there's also the assorted pastry, breakfast or sandwich platters – with a selection of all of the above. Order food for five, coffees by the dozen – and cap it all off with your very own Tim Hortons mug, for you to enjoy from home.

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