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YO! Sushi

Serving everything from sashimi and sushi rolls, to katsu, tempura, and teriyaki, the YO! Sushi menu is packed full of drool-worthy dishes. And no, it's not just for fans of raw fish – their incredibly tender meats, spiced rice, and comforting noodles are just as enticing.

Salmon and tuna and squid – oh my!

Sushi fans, it's time to celebrate. Whether you love a California roll as much as the next foodie, or dream of tempura on tap, YO! Sushi add their own spin to classic Japanese cuisine. Great for a light lunch, or a tasting feast with friends, the menu is savoury pick-and-mix at its finest.

Known for their selection of both raw and cooked fish, the restaurant offers some of Japan's most famous dishes, such as Salmon Nigiri and Tuna Sashimi. But there's plenty of other things here too, like pan-fried gyoza dumplings with dipping sauce or a mild tofu katsu curry.

How Yo! Sushi brought Tokyo to the table

Since 1997, YO! Sushi have been delivering traditional Japanese sushi via the kaiten conveyer belt – first in London, now worldwide. Boasting almost 100 dishes on their colour-coded menu, YO! Sushi are masters at what they do. Combining incredible taste with traditional recipes, their menu is as experiential and exciting as the kaiten itself.

With a huge focus on quality, the YO! Sushi kitchen never takes second best. Favouring healthy fish and barn eggs, this food is not only good for your body, but it's responsible too. So the next time you're contemplating your usual order, why not try something new? Introducing customers to different and original dishes is what they do best.

Rolls, rice and decadent desserts

For sushi newcomers, a maki roll is always a fantastic place to start. Taking delicate fresh salmon, chunky crab, smooth tuna or creamy avocado and wrapping it up in sticky sushi rice and dried seaweed nori makes for an easy-to-eat dish. When you throw in hoisin-marinated duck or crispy chicken, the flavour kicks up a notch, from intricate to intense.

If you're an old hand at this, it's time to take your sushi obsession to the next level. For something fresh, decadent and exciting, the Miso Black Cod served with lotus chips and ginger root should be your next culinary experience. Or, keep it classic with grilled salmon, chicken or beef drizzled in a salty, sticky, sweet teriyaki glaze. And if you're vegetarian, light and crispy Yasai Tempura or the vegetable fried Firecracker Rice amplifies your traditional Japanese discovery.

For an authentic Tokyo treat delivered to your door, get YO! Sushi brought to you by Deliveroo.

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